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Jim Schwartz says 'nothing to address' on Ndamukong Suh hit

Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz reiterated that he does not believe Ndamukong Suh's kicking incident from Thanksgiving was intentional.

Gregory Shamus

Although his comments may not be the consensus around the league, Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz went on a local radio station on Tuesday to confirm that Ndamukong Suh's Thanksgiving kicking incident is still a non-issue in his mind.

"There’s nothing to address," Schwartz said, as reported by CBS Detroit. "It didn’t warrant any kind of suspension."

While he did not actually see the play live, Schwartz reviewed the tape numerous times after the game and immediately came to the conclusion that his star defensive tackle did not purposefully commit a malicious act. "There is going to be a camera on him on every play," Schwartz said. "His head was looped in another direction, there’s really no reason for people to believe (it was intentional.)"

Suh's on-field behavior continues to taint his already poor reputation around the league, and it came as a shock to some that the former No. 2 overall pick was not forced to miss a game on a suspension. Despite being visibly intentional, Suh's 2011 Thanksgiving stomp drew a two-game ban from the league. He's sure to be hit with a hefty fine for this latest incident, and it's safe to say the NFL will be watching him like a hawk over Detroit's final five games.