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Chuck Pagano delivers emotional post-game speech

Leaving the hospital for a day, Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano gave an inspiring speech to his young team.

Joe Robbins

Indianapolis Colts' first year head coach Chuck Pagano has been a rallying point for the young team, as they use his Luekemia diagnosis as motivation to do their coach proud. This afternoon Pagano was able to leave the hospital to attend today's game, and gave his team a speech at the game's close that left few eyes dry.

The speech, found here, talked about the Colts as a football team who 'refused to live in circumstances' as Pagano spoke of the organization's triumph against the odds. From there the speech got extremely personal, as the coach talked of his dual-desire to ensure he sees the Indianapolis Colts hoist multiple Lombardi Trophies, but also to see his two daughters get married, and dance at their weddings. It was a powerful speech that clearly resonated with the Colts.

Under interim head coach Bruce Arians, the Colts today improved to an unlikely 5-3, with a victory over the Miami Dolphins in a game that saw rookie quarterback Andrew Luck break the single game rookie passing record.