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President Obama, Mitt Romney interviewed by ESPN's Chris Berman

The interview aired at halftime of Monday Night Football.


President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney were both interviewed by ESPN's Chris Berman ahead of Tuesday's election. The interview was aired at halftime of the Eagles and Saints Monday Night Football game.

Nothing groundbreaking from either candidate because...really, who is actually changing their minds about who to vote for based on a halftime interview by Chris Berman.

Note that Obama did say the Bears have the best team in football. He must not have heard Cutler is voting for Romney.

  • Obama said: "You don't go to any place where folks don't talk about some football."
  • Obama said he really wants to see the college football playoff at eight teams.
  • Asked if the Bears are good enough to win the Super Bowl, Obama said, "Yes they are. Best defense in the league right now. You saw yesterday's game. And [Charles] Tillman may be defensive player of the year the way he's playing."
  • Romney's favorite team: Patriots. "I lived in Massachusetts now 40 years and I take full responsibility for their wins as well as the Red Sox winning the World Series (laughs).
  • Asked what concerns him about sports, Romney said the use of performance enhancing drugs.
  • Berman also interviewed Obama and John McCain ahead of the 2008 election.
Here is the complete interview on ESPN: