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Nick Saban should give NFL another shot, say pro players

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A Sporting News poll of NFL players says Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban should try again to coach in the NFL.

Brian A. Westerholt

In a Sporting News poll, players voted on which major college football coaches should be coaching in the NFL. Out of 103 players on 27 teams, 32 believed that Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban should take another shot.

In his time with the Dolphins, Saban coached the Dolphins to a 15-17 overall record, including a 9-7 record his first season in the league. In his time in college football, Saban has a record of 155-54-1 and three national titles.

The rest of the poll's top five:

Urban Meyer, Ohio State 16

In twelfth season of coaching, Meyer is 114-23 in his career and two championships. His spread offense could work for teams that are looking to stretch the field a bit; portions of his offense have made their way into the Patriots' attack.

Les Miles, LSU 11

In his head coaching career, Miles is 110-41, won the 2007 National Championship and has won a pair of SEC Championships.

Chip Kelly, Oregon 11

The Oregon head coach is 43-6 through his fourth season, winning the Rose Bowl last season. He also reached the Rose Bowl in 2009 and the title game in 2010. He had been in talks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before turning that job down and returning to Oregon.

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma 5

Stoops has coached the Oklahoma Sooners through 14 seasons, accruing a 145-36 record and the 2000 National Championship.

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