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Maurice Jones-Drew injury: Running back says he could return in 2 weeks

Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew says that he could possibly be back in the lineup in Week 12.

Doug Benc

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has been out of the lineup since he injured his foot on Oct. 21 against the Oakland Raiders. The latest news comes from NFL Network's Alex Flanagan, and she is reporting that Jones-Drew is "about two weeks away" from returning to the lineup.

That would place his return for the Jaguars on Week 12 game at home against the Tennessee Titans. With Jones-Drew out of the lineup, the Jaguars have turned to Rashad Jennings, and he has rushed for just 104 yards on 29 carries in his two starts. Jennings is also in the lineup tonight for Jacksonville, and is once again struggling to run the ball with any success.

Despite missing the past few weeks, Jones-Drew is still leads the team in rushing yards with 414, as well as in touchdowns with four. Having Jones-Drew in or out of the lineup has not made too much of a difference in Jacksonville's win totals this year, but once the Jaguars do get him back on the field, they'll at least become more competitive.