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Cam Cameron fired by Baltimore Ravens

Cam Cameron is out as the offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens, as John Harbaugh has fired the 51-year-old former head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Andy Lyons

The Baltimore Ravens have fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron following the team's 31-28 overtime loss to the Washington Redskins, according to ABC 2 News.

The Ravens have been an above average squad offensively - at 25.5 points per game, they average the ninth-most in the league - but Cameron has received criticism for his play-calling. Some feel that the 51-year-old doesn't get the ball into the hands of workhorse running back Ray Rice enough, others feel his conservative decisions on third downs have hurt the team, as they're near the bottom of the league in converting in those situations.

Cameron had been with the team since 2008, when he replaced Rick Neuheisel. Before that, he had been in charge for a disastrous one-year stint as head coach for a 1-15 Miami Dolphins squad. Previously, he'd been offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers for five seasons. He had an 18-37 record as head coach at Indiana University before shifting to the pro level.