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BREAKING: Fat guy TD in Minnesota vs. St. Louis

In these tough economic times, the only sure commerce is a fat guy touchdown. Now featuring unexpected agility!

Everson Griffen is a defensive end. Defensive ends aren't supposed to score touchdowns. When they do, it is a rare treat, like waking up to find a shiny new bicycle on Christmas morning. Or a 60-degree day in Cleveland in mid-December.

So when Griffen, a fourth-round pick by the Vikings in 2010 out of USC, gobbled up this Sam Bradford pass like Pac-Man to a power pellet, our collective consciousness smiled. He took the ball 29 yards to put the Vikings up, 24-7. Minnesota has scored 17 unanswered points and looks to be in complete control of this one. Of course, having Adrian Peterson always helps.

You know the blessing:

May the road rise to meet you,
may the wind be always at your back,
may the sun shine warm upon your face,
may you always have fat guy touchdowns.

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