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Seahawks fake punt was fated by cruel circumstance, indicates Pete Carroll

The Seahawks are once again the bullies of the week, but we can blame the Bills for that fake punt if we want.


Here is video of the Seattle Seahawks pulling off a fake punt while up by 30 points in the fourth quarter against the lowly Buffalo Bills. Why did you go and do a thing like that, Pete Carroll, and do you feel bad about this?

"I feel bad about this," Carroll said.

The Seahawks faced fourth-and-four at the Buffalo 43, leading 47-17 with 12:49 to play in the game. The Seahawks had prepared a fake punt in their game plan, designating it to be used if the Bills used a specific formation.

"It was an automatic for us," Carroll said.

Seattle being incapable of shutting down its punt offense, as if it's a machine rigged to level a mountain whether that mountain is a mountain or a mound of puppy dogs, is the best NFL thing of the week.

Also, a slightly edited version of the National Football Post writeup:

Bills coach Chan Gailey declined comment. The bet here is if Gailey ever has chance to seek [punt]back, he will.

ht Mike Tunison