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Shocker: The Bucs might be getting tired of Greg Schiano

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With the Bucs stuggling, players in Tampa Bay are frustrated with coaches. Let the Greg Schiano backlash begin!

J. Meric
  1. The Bucs got destroyed with at 41-0 loss in New Orleans Sunday.
  2. They've now lost four straight games in the past month.
  3. Sunday saw an altercation between a player and a coach.
  4. Afterward, one player said privately, "Can we send these coaches back to college?”

And ... let's be honest: We've been waiting for this story all year long. That YouTube user pretty much explains everything there. Grown men can only crash so many victory formations before they snap and begins to wonder about the chain of command. Greg Schiano wasn't even that amazing as a college coach, NFL personnel despised him during visits to Rutgers, and somehow he ended up with the Bucs anyway. All of which is to say: As much fun as it's been watching his team crash victory formations every other week, it will be even better watching his team slowly turn on him over the next year or so, his NFL Coaching career ending the same way Niedermeyer's military career ended in Animal House. Some people get what they deserve. ISN'T IT GREAT?