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Details emerge in attack on London Fletcher's family

London Fletcher aired his side of the story and added more details to reports Sunday night that members of his family were involved in an altercation at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

More details are emerging about the ugly incident between members of London Fletcher's family and fans and security at Cleveland Browns Stadium on Sunday. Fletcher tells Steve Wyche of NFL Network that members of his family were harassed and assaulted upon their arrival at the stadium, including a 13-year-old cousin, who was punched. He added that security at the stadium escalated the situation.

The reports Sunday night indicated that three members of his family were arrested and another hospitalized. Fletcher corrected the record on health status of his aunt, who was initially reported as hospitalized with a heart attack. She was hospitalized with neck injuries.

A video of a group of fans donning Fletcher jerseys and involved in an altercation in the concourse is up on YouTube. Security and police personnel are seen restraining members of the group. Fletcher's cousins Hasaan Robinson, Douglas Robinson, and an unnamed 18-year-old nephew were reportedly arrested.

Fletcher is a Cleveland native who attended nearby John Carroll University. It was the first time in his 15-year career that he played a regular season game in his hometown, and he was visibly hyped up about the opportunity. The veteran linebacker finished with seven total tackles and had a crucial second-half interception of Brandon Weeden in the Redskins' 38-21 win.