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Jets name Greg McElroy starter: 'Two weeks too late'

Less than 24 hours after being eliminated from the playoffs, the Jets benched Mark Sanchez and named Greg McElroy their starter. The news comes too late for the SB Nation blog Gang Green Nation.

Al Bello

The decision to bench quarterback Mark Sanchez has been made by New York Jets' head coach Rex Ryan, and the team's newest starting signal caller, Greg McElroy, has quickly become the darling of the Big Apple.

According to the SB Nation blog Gang Green Nation, this move comes "two weeks too late."

McElroy earned the job by coming off the bench to beat the Cardinals. He certainly didn't give the Jets any less of a chance to win than Mark Sanchez the last two weeks. There's plenty of reason to believe the Jets might be playing for something had McElroy been the starter.

SB Nation New York also agrees with the move, even though, the Jets (6-8) could have chosen to start Tim Tebow Sunday against the visiting San Diego Changers (1 p.m. ET on CBS).

There are many that think the Jets should have started Tebow on Sunday, but he's simply not going to be on the roster next year so there's really no point. He cannot run a pro-style offense and is not a long-term solution at the position, even as a backup because of all the unneeded attention he brings.

Meanwhile, Twitter is abuzz about the news and, as expected, reacting to it:

McElroy will become the eighth quarterback to start for the Jets since 2004, continuing the organization's trend of being unable to make solid front office decisions. For those curious, the New York Giants have had just one quarterback since '04.

The Jets have two game remaining on their schedule. New York finishes its season Sunday, Dec. 30, at the Buffalo Bills (1 p.m. on CBS).