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Carolina Panthers lose 13th straight coin toss

Amazing odds highlight Carolina's woes.

The Carolina Panthers lost the coin too to start Sunday's game at Arrowhead Stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs. Losing a coin toss isn't a story -- it happens in every game to one of the two teams. When the Panthers haven't won a coin toss all year, now up to thirteen in a row, then it becomes a curiosity.

In twelve straight games, and one overtime, the Panthers have called wrong. The odds of losing 13 coin tosses in a row? 1:8,192. The streak was so bad that Carolina turned to their fans for advice, and using social media, looked to have their fan base end the streak.

Carolina's coin toss bad luck mirrors the team's disappointing season, and following a preseason Superbowl prediction, this it the next in a long line of let downs for the team. Down by seven points quickly, it looks like the Panthers' woes wont end anytime soon.