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Steelers vs. Ravens: Mike Tomlin gives John Harbaugh the cold shoulder

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Shortly after Mike Tomlin's Charlie Batch-led Steelers beat John Harbaugh's Ravens in their house, the two coaches had a frosty exchange.

Gregory Shamus

Some fun stuff has happened during the NFL's postgame coaches handshake. Last year there was Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz nearly inciting a brawl after theirs. This year, big bro John Harbaugh, and his Baltimore Ravens, was on the losing end of an icy handshake from Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

Harbaugh went in saying congratulations, planning on saying what appeared to be some pleasantries, when Tomlin blew him off. When Harbaugh went to get his words in (he said "Hey! Hey!"), Tomlin turned around, said "good talk," clapped him on the back and walked away.

To recap: Harbaugh, the loser, left hanging by Tomlin, the winner. Victors and spoils and so on and so forth.