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Jerry Rice responds to Calvin Johnson's NFL record

Calvin Johnson broke Jerry Rice's NFL receiving record on Saturday night.


With a 26-yard catch-and-run late in Saturday's game against the Falcons, Lions receiver Calvin Johnson broke Jerry Rice's single-season receiving yards record. That means Johnson has, by yards, put up the single greatest season in NFL history.

Jerry Rice originally set the record 17 yards ago with a 122-catch, 1,848-yard season. Rice spoke to Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico during ESPN's telecast of the game and acknowledged that Johnson would break the record and also praised Johnson for being, well, pretty damn awesome.

Earlier in the week, Rice was quoted as saying: "I have 40 records. I don't mind giving him one."

SB Nation was able to find Jerry Rice's reaction to Megatron breaking his record and, well...

Rice shouldn't worry about it. The debate over the greatest receiver of all time will continue long after Calvin Johnson is done playing. As long as Rice continues to crush the competition in the NFL's all-time reception leaders, he can stake his claim as the greatest of all time.