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Calvin Johnson: Record is a 'huge accomplishment'

Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson considers his breaking of Jerry Rice's record for most receiving yards in a single season to be a "huge accomplishment."


Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is now the record holder for most receiving yards in a single season, having passed Jerry Rice’s mark of 1,848. So, how does Johnson feel about notching 1,892 yards with one more regular-season contest remaining?

"It’s a huge accomplishment, you know, to take one of those records from the great Jerry," Johnson told ESPN after the game. "All the work that we put in this year, you know is uh, I guess I’d say it’s well deserved."

Following the catch, Johnson immediately came off the field and handed the football to his father, Calvin Johnson Sr. While he said he always imagined good things for his son, the emotional father said he never could have dreamed of this. When asked what makes his talented son so special, Calvin Sr. responded that "he just works hard."

As for the Hall of Famer whose milestone went down on Saturday night? Rice said earlier in the week that records are made to be broken, adding he would congratulate Johnson:

"The thing about this is I believe records are meant to be broken," Rice told ESPN during an in-game interview. "I'll be the first one to really congratulate this guy because I know what he stands for. He's a hard worker. He got the major contract and he's still hungry, and he wants to get out there and prove to everybody that [he is] the best receiver to ever play the game."

While Rice’s single-season record is the achievement that will receive the most attention, Johnson also broke or tied a pair of other impressive marks. Johnson is now the first player to record eight consecutive games with at least 100 yards receiving. He also tied a record owned by former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin by notching his 11th 100-yard receiving effort on the season, a mark he will have a shot at breaking next week.