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Tim Tebow now fighting Jeremy Kerley for opportunities to pass the ball

The Jets former second-string quarterback is now fourth in passing yards. Get ready, Jags fans!


Tim Tebow is not happy with the New York Jets this season, but falling behind a wide receiver in 2012 passing yards is just straight rubbing his nose in it.

Amid rumors that Tebow already has one knee in Jacksonville, the Jets started Greg McElroy at quarterback today. McElroy hit Shonn Greene for 30 yards, putting him at 59 yards on the season, well ahead of Tebow's total of 39 yards on six-of-eight passes. That drops the chosen one to third on the Jets depth chart for passing yardage behind Mark Sanchez and McElroy. At least, temporarily.

Jeremy Kerley also hit Clyde Gates on a 42-yard pass, dropping Tebow to fourth for New York. The Jets don't have any hope of recouping the 4th- and 6th-round picks they sent to the Broncos for Tebow and a 7th-rounded, but the good news is that Tebow is active today and still has a chance of dramatically recapturing his spot as the guy with the third-most passing yards for the Jets.

However, just like with Kerley, any Tebow completion would just be considered a "trick play."