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Cam Newton bumps ref as emotions boil over against Raiders

Carolina's second-year quarterback has kept himself in check in recent weeks, but on Sunday his emotions got away from him.

Streeter Lecka

Cam Newton has been amply criticized during his first two seasons for his attitude both on the field and during postgame press conferences. Over the last few weeks, the Panthers' second-year quarterback has matured and his critics have been silenced. However, in an emotionally charged game against the Oakland Raiders in Charlotte, Newton lost his cool.


Giving plenty of ammunition to detractors, Cam Newton kicked Raiders defensive lineman Tommy Kelly following a sack. Despite the quarterback reacting first, ultimately it was Kelly who was penalized for unnecessary roughness. This was one of several roughness penalties on Oakland, who was looking to make a statement against the Panthers.

Later in the game, and several hits later, Cam Newton's emotions boiled over following a routine hit in the backfield. Taking his lobbying a little too seriously, he was flagged for bumping the official and walked off the field with a sour look on his face.

With two altercations in a single game, it remains to be seen whether Newton will hear from the league office this week.