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Is this the new Miami Dolphins logo?

A more modern looking Dolphins team could be on the way.

A blurry image of what could be the new Miami Dolphins logo surfaced on Monday via a site for expat Dolphins fans called DolFansNYC. A clearer version of that same image was posted Wednesday morning via UniWatch, which you can see above.

The Dolphins discussed plans for a new logo recently at an event for bloggers. CEO Mike Dee shared some insight into the new look with those in attendance. Dee apparently stayed pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing, but he did share some information about the new look for the team.

The new logo would be a mix of modern and retro.
He implied that navy would still be an accent color.
He showed the logo to Dan Marino, Bob Griese and Nat Moore and they all loved it.

It has not been confirmed whether or not this is the Dolphins' new logo. Both blogs were clear that the images being shared were not confirmed as the new logo.

Miami's season ends this week with a meaningless game against the New England Patriots.