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Josh Brent indicted for manslaughter

The Cowboys defensive tackle could receive a sentence of anywhere from 20 years in prison to probation.


The legal process for Cowboys DT Josh Brent, who was legally intoxicated when he flipped his car and killed teammate Jerry Brown Jr. two weeks ago, continued on Wednesday, when a Dallas grand jury formally indicted him of intoxication manslaughter.

Brent is facing a wide range of possible punishments, from probation all the way up to 20 years in prison.

However, it's unlikely that the case will go to trial, as the district attorney's office often pleads out such cases to speed them through the docket.

Brent is currently out on a $100,000 bond and no further court dates in the matter have yet been set.

For Brent, still only 24 years old, the amount of jail time he receives could determine whether he'll be able to resume his NFL career.

There are several professional athletes who have resumed playing after being involved in fatal accidents, from Donte Stallworth and Leonard Little in the NFL to Dany Heatley in the NHL.