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2013 NFL MVP: SB Nation selects Peyton Manning

SB Nation's NFL bloggers voted on year-end awards and Manning, the Broncos quarterback, tops the list for MVP.


Peyton Manning is the 2013 NFL MVP, according to a vote from SB Nation's NFL bloggers, who gave the preseason award to Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Willis. Almost half of the bloggers chose Manning over Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady and J.J. Watt.

Manning has been a man on a mission since returning to the field with the Denver Broncos.

All he's done is complete 68.1 percent of his passes, which is flirting with his career high of 68.8 percent, thrown for 34 touchdowns to just 11 interceptions, and led his team to a 12-3 record. Manning has also passed 4,000 yards passing once again.

In short, he has been everything he once was and, in some areas, more.

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The results: Peyton Manning (12), Adrian Peterson (8), Tom Brady (6), J.J. Watt (2)

The preseason pick: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and 49ers LB Patrick Willis

SB Nation's NFL bloggers explain their picks:

Mile High Report: Sure, a few of these may look like homer picks, but I truly believe Peyton Manning's presence on the Denver Broncos has been the difference between what was an 8-8 team that could barely score 20 points per game and the Super Bowl contending 2012 version that is second in the NFL in points scored.

Daily Norseman: If you want to give the award to the best player in the NFL, it should go to Adrian Peterson. If you want to give it to the player that means the most to their team, it should go to Adrian Peterson. Really, the award should go to Adrian Peterson. That's what I'm saying. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning deserve to be recognized as well, to be certain, but the MVP of the NFL wears No. 28 and plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Battle Red Blog: If J.J. Watt does not win MVP (and I know he won't), I'm not sure a defensive player is capable of winning it. Watt's having a truly historical season.

The Falcoholic: I hate voting for Tom Brady in any capacity, but with that mediocre defense and his superlative performance all year long, he's dragged the Patriots to the heights they've gotten to. Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson are worthy, deserving candidates, but Brady's been nothing short of remarkable.

Pride of Detroit: It pains me to vote for Adrian Peterson for MVP as a Lions fan, but ask yourself this: Where would the Vikings be without Peterson? The Broncos and Patriots wouldn't be among the best in the AFC without Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, but I do believe they would still be in the playoff hunt. If the Vikings didn't have Peterson, I think they would be hanging out with the Lions in the cellar of the NFC North rather than competing for a playoff spot. He's that good, and the rest of that offense is anything but.

Baltimore Beatdown: Peyton Manning continues to make coaches and GMs look great, just like Ray Lewis has made DC's look like great coaches in his career.

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