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2013 NFL Rookie of the Year: SB Nation selects Robert Griffin III

SB Nation's NFL bloggers voted on year-end awards and RGIII, the Redskins quarterback, tops the list for Rookie of the Year.

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Andrew Luck picked up the preseason Rookie of the Year award from SB Nation's NFL bloggers, but it was Redskins' Robert Griffin III who won the final vote as the NFL's Rookie of the Year. More than half of the participating bloggers chose RGIII over Russell Wilson, Luck and others.

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It was a special year to be a quarterback, which means it was hard to stand out. But RGIII did just that. He completed over 66 percent of his passes (more than 10 percent better than Luck) and threw for 20 touchdowns to five interceptions. Add to that 752 rushing yards (so far) and six rushing touchdowns and you have yourself a Rookie of the Year season.

The most impressive part of RGIII's game has been that he has played his best when the Redskins' backs were against the wall. Sitting at 3-6 at one point, RGIII helped lead the Redskins to 9-6 entering Week 17. In each game of the winning streak (he played five of them while Kirk Cousins started one), RGIII's QB rating was over 100.

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The results: Robert Griffin III (15), Russell Wilson (8), Andrew Luck (4), Lavonte David (1), Kevin Zeitler (1)

Preseason pick: Colts' QB Andrew Luck

Buffalo Rumblings: Andrew Luck may play for the better team - and, frankly, he'll probably have a longer, more rewarding pro career - but Robert Griffin III has been the best rookie this season by a significant margin.

Cincy Jungle: Though an offensive lineman never wins rookie of the year, Kevin Zeitler should be recognized for at least a nomination. Not only is he graded as one of the best rookie offensive linemen this year, he's graded as one of the top offensive guards in the NFL. Period. Seriously, folks. There is no RGIII, Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson without offensive linemen. Long live big uglies!

Behind The Steel Curtain: I looked long and hard at Seattle QB Russell Wilson possibly splitting my vote for Rookie of the Year. Wouldn't be surprised if that's a legitimate argument at the end of the playoffs when Seattle makes some serious noise.

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