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Redskins, Giants players avoid ejection after kicking incident

Linval Joseph and Will Montgomery got into it on Monday night.


Giants defensive tackle Linval Joseph and Redskins offensive lineman Will Montgomery were caught in a kicking fight with each other as the two teams tried to recover an Alfred Morris fumble on Monday Night Football. Referees penalized both of them but may have been able to justify an ejection.

There was a scrum after Morris' fumble on the field. Montgomery hopped in the pile late and Joseph began to pull his leg. Montgomery kicked at him. Joseph responded by picking up his leg as if he was going to kick him, and then dropped it.


There was the Suh stomp on Thanksgiving day last year. He was suspended two games for it. This wasn't as flagrant as that but both players are lucky they weren't ejected. Montgomery was probably the worst offender, with the only kick that connected. Joseph started it by pulling on Montgomery's leg like a wishbone and began to retaliate with a kick but thought twice at the last second.

Who's at fault here? Who should get blamed the most?