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Raiders vs. Chargers 2012: Terrelle Pryor says "I will be great"

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Even though the Raiders weren't victorious Sunday, QB Terrelle Pryor still strongly believes he's meant to succeed in this league.

While most probably considered the Raiders' Week 17 visit to San Diego meaningless, Oakland fans were at least treated to Terrelle Pryor's first career NFL start.

And by most accounts, it was an erratic one. Pryor only completed 13 of his 28 passing attempts for 150 yards but he did have three touchdowns (two passing, one rushing) against one interception. After the Raiders' 24-21 loss, Pryor apologized for his mistakes and shared that the defeat falls on his shoulders, according to Levi Damien of Silver and Black Pride.

But once he was done being extra-critical of his play, Pryor added this:

"Stuff is gonna slow down for me...I will be great at the quarterback position but I just have to let things slow down for me. Just let it slow down, be calm, be a leader, get to the next play. And if I do that, watch out for us."

Can't blame the guy for believing in himself, right?

Unfortunately, his future with the Raiders is a bit cloudy. While Carson Palmer and his 2013 salary are non-guaranteed, it's unclear how attached Oakland's new front office feels to Pryor. After all, Pryor was an Al Davis selection and the Raiders are projected to select third overall which could be prime position to grab a new franchise quarterback.

At least whoever Pryor ends up with will know that he isn't lacking in the confidence department.

For more Raiders coverage heading into the offseason, stay plugged into Silver and Black Pride.