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Judge Doty denies NFLPA collusion claim over uncapped 2010 season

Judge David Doty denied the NFLPA's collusion claim regarding the 2010 uncapped season, when the league penalized the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins a combined $46 million dollars in cap space.

Rob Carr

One day after the 2012 NFL regular season came to a close, Judge David Doty issued a ruling, denying the NFLPA's collusion claim regarding the 2010 uncapped season.

The NFLPA claimed that the NFL imposed a secret $123 million dollar salary cap for the 2010 season -- a season that was supposedly uncapped. Consequently, the Dallas Cowboys were hit with $10 million dollars worth of salary cap penalties, while the Washington Redskins were penalized $36 million dollars in cap space.

Doty ruled that the NFLPA "released the claims it attempts to assert," and consequently, "the court is without jurisdiction and denies petition to reopen."

Doty's ruling is rooted in the NFL and NFLPA's latest Collective Bargaining Agreement. In the CBA that was reached in July 2011, the NFL and NFLPA agreed to end all litigation -- which includes the NFLPA's claim of collusion.

Per Mike Florio, the NFLPA is now unable to pursue nearly $1 billion dollars of damages from the NFL because of Doty's ruling.