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Greg Knapp fired: Raiders can three more coaches

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The Oakland Raiders cleaned house as they relieved their offensive coordinator, special teams, offensive line and linebackers coaches of their duties on Monday.


The Oakland Raiders have fired offensive coordinator Greg Knapp, special teams coach Steve Hoffman, offensive line coach Frank Pollack and linebackers coach Johnny Holland, according to a tweet from ESPN's Bill Williamson.

The Raiders are cleaning house after their 10th straight season without a playoff berth, but head coach Dennis Allen truly feels he can turn the team around, though it looks like he wants to surround himself with a different set of coaches following his first year at the helm.

Despite a passing game ranked No. 8 in the league, the Raiders were 4-12 and sported the 28th-ranked rushing attack, 20th-ranked pass defense and 18th-ranked run defense. The firing of Knapp, Pollack and Holland are direct reflections of those numbers, despite both sides of the ball dealing with injuries throughout the year, particularly to running back Darren McFadden.

The Raiders lost eight of their last nine games following a two-game winning streak in weeks seven and eight.