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Police release 911 audio from Jovan Belcher shooting

Authorities have released the 911 audio from the Jovan Belcher shooting.

Ed Zurga

Authorities released the 911 tapes related to the Jovan Belcher shootings, according to a report from CNN.

In the tape, Belcher's mother Cheryl Shepard can be heard speaking to authorities immediately after the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker shot his girlfriend Kassandra Perkins and fled the scene.

Shepard tried to keep Perkins responsive after the shooting while on the phone, telling authorities that the 22-year old was barely breathing and moving when talking to her.

A police officer joined the phone call to try and ask Shepard if she knew any information on Belcher's whereabouts after he left, but the only sound that could be heard from Shepard's phone was the screams of Belcher's and Perkins' young child. The call ended shortly thereafter.

Belcher was found at the Chiefs facilities and later committed suicide after he was confronted by general manager Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel. Belcher was 25 years old.