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Peyton Manning's Face Inserted Into Every NFL Logo

Peyton Manning is the most talked-about football player in the world right now. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback may soon be headed out of town and speculation has been running rampant. At this point, he has been named as a potential candidate to wind up on the opening-day roster of pretty much any team except for the Colts. To celebrate this groundswell of all-Peyton, all the time football news, perhaps it is time to adjust the identities of the teams themselves.

Deadspin alerted us to the fact that an enterprising Something Awful poster has taken it upon himself to insert Peyton Manning's glorious visage into every NFL team logo. This glorious prophet of Manningface is named David Rappoccio and you can find the extensive gallery at his personal website.

Here is just a small sample of the notable work you will experience if you visit his art blog. All images courtesy of Dave's Art Locker.





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