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ANIMATED: Rich Eisen Chased Down By Elite Quarterbacks

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Robert Griffin III is fast. In fact, he's very fast, as we were once again reminded on Sunday. Cam Newton, who ran last year, and Andrew Luck: also very quick! The three all ran sub-4.6 40-yard dashes, with Griffin clocking the fastest time.

But this is the NFL combine and things get a little boring between sessions. The NFL Network crew has to do something, and that something typically involves ridiculing Rich Eisen. We know Eisen is not fast, as evidenced by his annual running of the 40, but he is excellent for some entertainment.

Watch as Eisen gets chased down by these elite quarterbacks.


Eisen got like a 10-yard head start and he still got beat by all three quarterbacks. The lesson here: Don't wear a suit while running a 40. The flapping jacket adds drag, and drag isn't good when Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton are chasing you down.