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ANIMATED: Vick Ballard's 40-Yard Dash Needs Work

The 40-yard dash is typically uneventful. Sure, it's a chance to see athletic freaks barrel down the field at a breakneck pace. But as far as highlights go, there just isn't much. That is, until Vick Ballard came along.

Ballard ran into a little trouble during his 40, leading to a pretty superb GIF. Yes, Ballard fell over during his 40, but that wasn't the half of it. On his way down, Ballard also took out one of the timing lasers, putting the cherry on top of this fail sundae.


Did I mention this was 10 yards into the 40? Because it was! Here's the full-speed look. It's pretty amazing.


Very important update: @XMasApe, of Kissing Suzy Kolber fame, requested Ballard's fall be set to the Crocodile Mile theme. Since it's a Sunday and we're bored, here it is.

We've now reached the pinnacle of NFL Combine entertainment. It's all downhill from here.