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Thursday Night Football Schedule Expanding; NFL Network To Carry 13 Games

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced at his annual Super Bowl press conference that the NFL Network Thursday night package is expanding to 13 games and that every team would have a primetime game in 2012.

Get ready for primetime, NFL fans, because it's coming. Every team in the league will receive a primetime game in the 2012 season, Commissioner Roger Goodell said at his annual Super Bowl press conference. Goodell said that the league will have 13 Thursday night games in 2012. Previously the Thursday night schedule started after the midway point of the season.

We knew the league wanted to expand their Thursday night operation so this shouldn't come as a huge surprise but it's good news for the fans who, like me, will take as much football as they can get.

The games will be on NFL Network starting in Week 2 and ending in Week 15. Along with Monday Night Football and Sunday Night Football, every team will receive a primetime game in 2012.

There won't be an NFL Network game on the Thursday the World Series is scheduled, Thanksgiving or the final weekend.

NFL Network isn't on all cable providers, notably Time Warner, and Goodell put a little pressure on them by saying there is a market for NFL Network and it will only continue to get bigger.

The entire 2012 NFL schedule is expected to be released sometime in April.