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PHOTO: New York Giants Are Super Bowl 46 Champions

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This is great. We actually don't even need to bother with the Super Bowl on Sunday. The outcome has already been determined, so we can all sit back and watch the commercials, the halftime show and six hours of pregame while ignoring the matchup itself.

You probably want context. The photo at the top of the story appeared as a landing page on the New York Giants' official website. It's common practice for teams, reporters and anyone working on the Internet to draft or mock up graphics and stories ahead of time. It's almost impossible to do something like the graphic above on the fly -- remember, we live in a world of instant news and reaction -- so the Giants decided to come prepared.

Instead of pushing the graphic on Sunday, if the Giants do beat the Patriots, it accidentally went up a day early. And, as you can expect, it was widely mocked. The word jinx was thrown around, as were other, less flattering barbs.

It was an honest mistake with no arrogance involved, but ... ouch.