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VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski Dancing To LMFAO After The Super Bowl

If this were any other star player after a loss—say, if the Giants had lost and someone like Hakeem Nicks had gone out to club to party anyway—the outcry would be deafening. Except that this story is just so perfectly GRONK. You can't help but applaud his dedication to living out stereotypes. There he is on the left, dancing shirtless on stage with LMFAO, probably with a few his 16 identical brothers, and maybe a pornstar just because.


Good news: There's also grainy video.

He dances like a robot on ecstasy, but of course he does.

Just a phenomenal moment all around. And hey, good to know that his ankle's not that bad. At least it's healthy enough to grind all up on some HOT CHICKS and get totally GRONK'D with LMFAO. Rob Gronkowski is such a perfect distillation of every person I've ever hated in the bars and clubs everywhere, that I can't help but love him forever. Here's another video, just because.


(HT: Deadspin)