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Calvin Johnson Gets $132 Million From Lions; Richest Deal In NFL History

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The Detroit Lions just handed out the richest deal in NFL history. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Lions signed Calvin Johnson to a seven-year extension that will pay him an incredible $132 million. The deal includes $60 million guaranteed.

Stunning numbers but Johnson is worth it. He had one year remaining on his current contract so this is really an eight-year, $132 million deal. He's now locked up through the 2019 season. This surpasses the deal the eight-year, $128.5 million deal the Arizona Cardinals gave to Larry Fitzgerald. It includes more overall money and more guaranteed money.

It's the richest deal in NFL history.

Johnson is good enough that he very well could see every dollar in that contract. He lead the league in receiving yards last season and has 28 touchdown receptions over the last two years. With Matthew Stafford and a young core in place, Johnson is going to be good for a long time.

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