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VIDEO: Do We Know If Peyton Manning Can Throw Yet?

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As of now, it looks like Peyton Manning's decision will come down to one of four teams: Titans, Broncos, Dolphins and Cardinals. Each of these teams has at some point been considered the leader in the clubhouse.

In SB Nation's latest on YouTube, Bomani Jones asks a simple question: Can he throw?
We're assuming he can. But will any team actually sign on the dotted line without seeing him throw? It's a question that's been talked about ad nauseam, but there's still no clear answer outside of the hazy video shot at Duke University. At some point, you have to think Manning throws for a team before they guarantee him tens of millions of dollars.

Bomani also touches on Manning's interest in the Titans and owner Bud Adams' "Titan for life" contract. Check out more at SB Nation's YouTube channel.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube