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VIDEO: Peyton Manning To Broncos, Phoenix News Anchor To Wash Mouth With Soap

Edit: Upon further review, it actually sounds like there's no cussing. But evidence of gambling! Gambling!

Let's be honest here. Peyton Manning choosing the Denver Broncos has all of us cursing one thing or another. Titans and Dolphins fans are cussin' mad, Jaguars fans are cussing at the sight of onrushing Tim Tebow rumors and Broncos fans are cussing with joy.

You'll excuse Phoenix news anchor Kaley O'Kelley (comfortably the most news anchor name of all time) for expressing her disappointment, live and on air, with the Manning news, as the Cardinals were also in the running until late:

In the middle of an apparent segment on news breaking via Twitter, news broke via Twitter:

Johnjay or Rich: Let me give you an example of something that I just got seconds before coming to you, on my smart phone. And I got it via Twitter, and it's that Manning has signed with the Broncos.

Kaley O'Kelley: Has he really?

JoR: That's what I got right now --

KO: What the f---!

JoR: -- so I'm just lettin' you know ...

Why, yes, that was the F--- word, shared with KTVK's viewers and immediately disregarded. There is no greater joy in all of television than a sincere F-bomb flying from the lips of someone who probably isn't allowed to say "dangit" more than once an hour. Treasure it.

For your honesty in a time of great emotion, we salute you, Kaley O'Kelley.

ht Jimmy Traina