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Saints Coach Sean Payton Knew About Bounty Program, According To NFL Investigation

An NFL investigation has shown that former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams administered a bounty program where players were rewarded for injuring players on the opposing team. This is obviously in violation of NFL rules and it's not something they take lightly.

With that much money on the line, people within the organization had to know what was going on, and they did. The NFL's investigation shows two key people in the Saints organization who knew about the bounty program but failed to stop it.

GM Mickey Loomis knew and, according to the investigation, didn't stop it.

The evidence conclusively established that [Saints owner] Mr. Benson was not aware of the bounty program. When informed earlier this year of the new information, Mr. Benson advised league staff that he had directed his general manager, Mickey Loomis, to ensure that any bounty program be discontinued immediately. The evidence showed that Mr. Loomis did not carry out Mr. Benson's directions.

Head coach Sean Payton wasn't involved but he did know about it.

Although head coach Sean Payton was not a direct participant in the funding or administration of the program, he was aware of the allegations, did not make any detailed inquiry or otherwise seek to learn the facts, and failed to stop the bounty program. He never instructed his assistant coaches or players that a bounty program was improper and could not continue.

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