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Washington Redskins Reportedly Implemented Bounty System Under Gregg Williams

You didn't think that the bounty scandal was going to stay confined to the New Orleans Saints, did you? Gregg Williams, the Saints defensive coordinator who ran the bounty system, has been employed by many teams in the NFL, one of them being the Washington Redskins. According to a report at the Washington Post, Williams implemented and ran a similar system while he was the defensive coordinator of the Washington Redskins.

Four players who played for Williams with the Redskins spoke to the Post, but only one player -- defensive lineman Phillip Daniels -- did not speak anonymously. He tried his best to make the system sound a bit less malicious than it has in previous reports.

"I think it is wrong the way they're trying to paint [Williams]. He never told us to go out there and break a guy's neck or break a guy's leg. It was all in the context of a good, hard football."

Another anonymous player echoed those sentiments, but pointed out that Williams' cash bonuses for hard, clean plays could have led some players to cross the line and ultimately cause injuries as a result.

"I never took it for anything [but] just incentive to make good, hard plays ... But I'm pretty sure it did entice some guys to do more to a player than normal when it came to taking them out. I mean, that's cash. Let's just be honest about it. If you took the star player out, he'd hook you up a little bit."

It's important to note that, even if Williams gave players cash bonuses for good performances and not for causing injuries, that is still against NFL rules and still the kind of thing he can get in a lot of trouble for. In any event, the fact that he had a similar system in Washington will have his current employer and his other former employers asking questions.

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