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Tim Tebow Trade Not Done Yet, 'Hangup' Could Nullify Deal

All that talk about the Denver Broncos trading Tim Tebow to the New York Jets?

That's put on hold for the moment. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the Jets and Broncos have "encountered a hangup" in Tebow's contract that could end up nullifying the trade.

Tim Tebow has $5 million worth of recapture language, meaning Jets would have to pay back money to Denver. Jets might be unwilling. Complex.

This would be a pretty stunning reversal if the trade doesn't go through. Schefter also reports that, if the trade fails to go through, the St. Louis Rams could get in on Tebow. Reports of the Rams interest in Tebow became public only shortly before the initial reports that Tebow had been traded to New York .

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