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VIDEO: Tim Tebow To Jets Makes Sense If You Figure Out How To Use Him

On Wednesday morning the Denver Broncos traded Tim Tebow to the New York Jets but by Wednesday afternoon the deal still wasn't done due to a "hang up" in Tebow's contract.

But, operating on the assumption that the deal will eventually go through, SB Nation's latest at YouTube makes some good points about Tebow's fit with the Jets. I'm on record as saying I'm not on board with the Jets decision but SB Nation's Matt Ufford makes a good point that there is some sort of role for Tebow on the team. Maybe not a starting quarterback but his unique skill-set will allow the Jets to use him in a number of ways. Tony Sparano, the Jets new offensive coordinator, was the head coach of the Dolphins when they brought the Wildcat in so some wonder if Tebow's role will be in the Wildcat.

Check out the video, including Ufford's explanation of the coming Tim Tebow plague in New York.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube