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NFL Proposes Adding To, Changing Instant Replay

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Fans of instant replay will like what the NFL competition committee plans to pitch to owners at next week's meeting. A proposal to automatically review all turnovers stood out among the baker's dozen worth of changes to league rules and bylaws presented by the competition committee on a Wednesday afternoon conference call.

The change mirrors the one the league implemented last season for scoring plays. Under that rule, all scoring plays on the field are automatically reviewed by officials in the booth.

Like the rule dictating the reviews for scoring plays, the rule for reviewing turnovers contains a similar quirk. Plays on the field that were not ruled as turnovers would not be reviewed, even if a review could reverse the call on the field to make the play a turnover.

Confused? Maybe a booth review would help.

The competition committee presented another proposed change to the league' replay rules, this one proposed by the Buffalo Bills. This proposed change would move replays upstairs to the replay booth. That would eliminate the current process of the ref reviewing the plays with the replay assistant, saving a considerable amount of time on replays.