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Tim Tebow Will Be Mark Sanchez's Backup With New York Jets

Tim Tebow will not be the starting quarterback of the New York Jets. At least not yet. The Jets on Wednesday night introduced Tebow after GM Mike Tannenbaum pulled the trigger on a trade with the Denver Broncos. Speaking to the media, Tannenbaum made it clear what Tebow's role was -- backup to Mark Sanchez.

"Every starting quarterback has a backup and if you struggle, we know the popularity of any backup quarterback. But Mark is our starting quarterback."

This isn't just any backup quarterback. This is Tebow, and it's going to be an absolute circus if/when Sanchez starts to struggle and Tebow is standing on the sidelines. Fans will start chanting his name, sports talk radio will be using four-letter words when talking about Tannenbaum and it'll all be so familiar to what we saw in Denver last year.

With someone like Tebow, you need to go all-in on offense. It's either Tebow all the way or nothing. I think the Jets are asking for trouble if they're treating Tebow like a traditional backup quarterback.

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