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DeMaurice Smith Re-Affirmed As NFLPA Executive Director

The NFLPA unanimously re-elected DeMaurice Smith to the position of executive director.

Getty Images for Bud Lite

The NFL Players Association has re-affirmed DeMaurice Smith to the position of executive director. Smith was originally elected as the NFLPA's executive director three years ago in March 2009. According to reports, the motion to re-appoint him was unanimous. His next term runs three years.

The actual vote will occur this weekend but it's a formality at this point.

Smith has only been in office for three years, but he's had more than enough activity in that relatively short period. The labor agreement between the players and owners expired last year, which led to the NFL lockout. Smith and the NFL Players Association worked with the NFL and its owners during the lockout and ultimately came to an agreement last summer.

It was clearly a trying time for both the players and owners but ultimately not much was lost -- only one preseason game. The two sides signed the new CBA in August and the NFL returned to normalcy.

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