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Jeremy Shockey Wants Warren Sapp Punished

"Bountygate" is quickly turning into "Snitchgate," with Jeremy Shockey calling for the NFL to formally punish Warren Sapp, who's technically a league employee given his analyst role for the NFL Network, for suggesting that he was the one who informed the league about the New Orleans Saints offering bounties to defensive players to intentionally injure opponents.

From Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole:

"Is the league going to come down on their own people when someone does something so wrong and outrageous?" Shockey said. "There should be a standard for punishment, like getting suspended or fined or losing your job. If I say something about officials, the league fines me.

"This guy says something about me that's not true and that he's not supposed to say and what happens? Nothing. You'd think they would have done something to check it out. Heck, this guy [allegedly] hit a woman, got arrested and nothing happened to him."

Given Shockey's insistence for the truth, perhaps he shouldn't be so loose with his accusations. While Sapp was in fact arrested following a domestic violence charge in Feb. 2010, the charges were eventually dropped.

But still, the point stands, and not just because Shockey denies the accusation (and provided photographic "evidence"): it's bad form for the league to allow employees to make a villain out of the whistleblower, whoever that whistleblower may be. Those involved with setting and collecting bounties are the villains, not the person who put an end to it.

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