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VIDEO: The Marines' Core Of Sports, Featuring Ryan Clark And Honor

Ryan Clark knows something of honor: he still wears a No. 21 jersey in every practice to keep alive the memory of his former teammate Sean Taylor, the talented Redskins safety who was murdered in 2007. Clark also dedicates his free time to sickle cell disease awareness and research, after his undiagnosed sickle cell trait almost cost him his life during a game in Denver in 2007. Undrafted out of LSU a decade ago, he is an example of what hard work and character can accomplish in a league where careers are typically brutish and short.

That hard work is shown in the beautifully shot video below, the first in a series called "Core of Sports" sponsored by the United States Marine Corps. Core of Sports will profile athletes who exemplify the key traits valued most highly by the Marine Corps. Clark represents honor:

Special thanks to Ian Danney of the incredible PEP (Pro Enhancement Professionals). PEP — which happens to be the setting for this video — is a facility in Scottsdale where some of the best athletes in the world converge to make themselves even better. Mr. Danney, the owner, was gracious enough to let us invade his gym for the day. Also thanks to Barry Gardner and, most obviously, Ryan Clark.

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