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Drew Stanton Traded To Indianapolis Colts

Drew Stanton is heading to Indy, presumably to be Andrew Luck's backup.

When the New York Jets traded for Tim Tebow, it was clear that Drew Stanton's time in the Meadowlands was close to done. He believed that he would be the team's No. 2 quarterback heading into the season, and that was no longer the case as of Thursday. He asked for a trade, and the Jets accommodated him. He's on his way to backup Andrew Luck (presumably) on the Indianapolis Colts.

Stanton gave the Jets a list of teams that he would like to be traded to, and there's a clear theme among all of the teams listed.

All of those teams are in need of a solid backup quarterback, but in all cases, he would be a clear No. 2 option. There's a possibility that the Colts could choose to delay throwing Luck into the fire, but more likely than not, the Colts will pick Luck and then make Stanton his backup.

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