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Tim Tebow Press Conference Coming On Monday

The New York Jets will officially introduce Tim Tebow at a Monday afternoon press conference. The Jets traded for Tebow from the Denver Broncos last week, but several complications in Tebow's contract delayed the trade, so the Jets are just now getting around to officially introducing the former Florida quarterback

The press conference will be at 12:00 p.m. ET on Monday where the Jets will (hopefully) explain Tebow's role with the team next season. Mark Sanchez is the starting quarterback, and the Jets have confirmed that. But Tebow is still expected to have some sort of impact on the offense. Perhaps that comes through the use of the Wildcat or other Tebow-specific packages, which Rex Ryan talked about over the weekend.

"Tim is going to be a major contributor to our football team," Jets coach Rex Ryan said on NFL Network. "With the Wildcat specifically, the great thing is you don't know if we're going to run it one snap a game or 20 snaps a game -- you have no idea. Every week, it could be different. That's some of the preparation problems he gives you."

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