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NFL Owners Meetings Kick Off In Florida

The NFL's annual owners meetings will be kicking off in Florida this week where they'll be discussing, among a number of items, potential rule changes.

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All the decision-makers from the 32 NFL teams will be convening in Palm Beach, Fla. for the annual owners meetings. Owners, head coaches, general managers and other executives will be under the same roof to discuss a number of issues around the league.

Among the items of note that will be discussed:

Rule changes: The NFL's Competition Committee has proposed a number of rule changes, and the owners will vote on those at the meetings. Read more about those potential rule changes here, but perhaps the most notable one would be moving the league's trade deadline from Week 6 to Week 8.

Primetime games announced? In the past, the NFL has announced the primetime games for the NFL's opening weekend -- the opening Thursday night game, Sunday night game and Monday Night Football games for Week 1. We're not sure if that will happen this year, but it's a possibility.

Compensatory picks awarded? This is another item that may or may not be discussed. In the past, the NFL has awarded compensatory picks at these meetings. These are essentially extra draft picks for teams that lost more qualifying free agents than they signed last year.

The Redskins and Cowboys salary cap violations: The owner and other executives from each team will be in Palm Beach, and the media will undoubtedly ask them about their grievance regarding the salary cap discipline levied against them. Team officials haven't said much publicly about this issue, but Jerry Jones could change that on Monday.

Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis will be there: We haven't heard publicly from either of those men since the Saints bounty scandal hit, but both are expected to be in Palm Beach. Things can change, but it sounds like Payton will be speaking to the media on Tuesday.

Roger Goodell will speak on Monday: The Redskins and Cowboys salary cap issue, as well as the Saints scandal, are expected to be among the topics he addresses.