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Jets Introduce Tim Tebow At Press Conference

The New York Jets officially introduced Tim Tebow at a Monday afternoon press conference. The trade between the Jets and Denver Broncos hit a few snags which lead to Tebow being introduced on Monday, and not last weekend.

A few highlights of Tebow's first Jets presser are below:

Tebow said he would've loved to be a Jet...or a Jaguar. There were reports, most notably from John Elway, that Tebow was given the choice between the Jets and Jaguars, who were both interested in trading for him. Elway said Tebow made the choice to go to New York. Tebow said previously that he did not make the choice. In Monday's press conference, he said he would have loved to be part of either team, but is obviously happy that he landed in New York.

He's ready to "expand" his role. Tebow will not be the starting quarterback of the Jets -- that will be Mark Sanchez. But Tebow will still have a role on the team with Rex Ryan previously indicating that there would be some Wildcat plays for him. As you'd expect from Tebow, he said he would work hard at whatever role he has. But he also indicated that he would work hard to "expand" his role within the offense. He said he's a "football player first, then a quarterback", which suggests he would be open to other non-quarterback roles on the team.

Tebow and Sanchez have been talking. He says the two have a "great relationship" and they've been exchanging texts since the trade went through. Some feel that Tebow was brought on to put more pressure on Sanchez, to let him feel a little heat.

No hard feelings toward the Broncos. This shouldn't surprise anyone but Tebow said there aren't any hard feelings towards the Broncos after their pursuit of Peyton Manning, and his eventual trade.

Tebow liked Hard Knocks. The Jets edition of Hard Knocks was noteworthy for Rex Ryan's salty language but Tebow said he enjoyed Hard Knocks with the Jets. Tebow's presence should put the Jets at the top of the list for the 2012 edition of Hard Knocks.