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Bill Parcells Denies Sean Payton Offered Saints' Interim Coaching Job

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Bill Parcells admits to speaking with Sean Payton about the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal but denied reports that he's been asked to step in as an interim replacement, the retired coach told Sports Illustrated's Peter King on Monday afternoon.

"Sean Payton and I know each other well, and he has sought my counsel about his situation with the Saints," Parcells said. "He has told me a little bit about the team, about the situation they're in, and about the players. But that is it.''

Parcells also denied having the urge to get back into the game. "Do I have the bug?'' he said before pausing. "I don't think so.''

That said, this doesn't completely eliminate the chance that Parcells will return to coaching for the first time since 2006. As King notes, Payton has not yet decided whether he will appeal his season-long suspension, and if he is able to have the punishment reduced, it's possible Parcells may consider a shorter return to coaching more appealing. And even if Parcells doesn't have "the bug," it's also possible his friend Payton still may be able to coax him into doing so.

Stay tuned, because even though it doesn't look likely now, anything is possible until the Saints officially announce their intentions.

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