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NFL Overtime Rule Change Passes; Same OT Rules For Regular Season, Playoffs

NFL owners voted on several proposed rule changes and one of the big ones passed -- the playoff overtime rules will now be used in the regular season, too. This is a smart move because there was really no reason to have separate rules for the regular season and playoffs.

The new overtime rules are designed to give each team a shot at possessing the ball. Previous complaints were that the team that won the coin toss in overtime had a major advantage because they could cruise down the field and kick a field goal with the other team never having an opportunity to possess the ball. Under the new rules, the only scenario in which both teams don't touch the ball comes in the event of a first-possession touchdown or a safety.

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We saw the rules in play last January when the Denver Broncos went to overtime with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a playoff game in which just one team touched the ball in overtime. On the first play of overtime, Tim Tebow hit Demaryius Thomas for an 80-yard touchdown, which ended the game.

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